About us

The BSOC provides liaison for International Oil Companies and private business with the Basra Operations Command (BaOC), the seat of Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) power within the province.

Co-located with the BaOC at the Shatt al Arab hotel, the BSOC has a unique relationship being the only private company authorized by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to interact with the BaOC.

Client and ISF interaction is handled within two departments, Operations and Insight, providing assistance with freedom of movement, emergency liaison and information and analysis through a raft of bespoke and regular reporting.

The support of the ISF is essential to companies wishing to maintain operational freedom of movement throughout Iraq. It is also important in the planning and conduct of commercial operations to maintain situational awareness through the provision of timely and comprehensive assessment and analysis. The BSOC operation is closely integrated with the ISF Basra Operational Command and has a unique relationship at the highest levels of command in the region. Subscribers benefit from the opportunity of establishing a collaborative working relationship with Iraqi authorities that enables increased freedom to operate.

The BSOC therefore plays a crucial role in facilitating commercial operations and reducing the risk of attacks that can dent investor confidence, impact on commercial reputation and cause huge financial losses.

The BSOC is a Restrata solution that sits alongside an array of other capabilities within the Restrata family. We consult, design, deliver and manage services in line with our clients’ requirements.