Travel Reports

We combine the knowledge of our Restrata team with over 15 years of industry experience, to provide your international business with informative travel risk reports and other services, keeping your travelers and expatriate staff safe – anywhere, anytime. Based on extensive open and ground sourced information, our reports provide information, analysis and advice on locations identified as high risk for travel and doing business.

Each travel report contains

A general country overview with a focus on the political and social situation, which also identifies any differences across the region that might indicate one city or area is safer than another

A security overview, and day to day guide, discussing civil unrest, military activity, criminal threats, and risk of kidnap

Visa and passport requirements to allow for planning in advance of a trip

Details about airports and other aspects that affect a traveler on arrival such as money exchange and taxis

Details to be used in case of an emergency such as location of hospitals and emergency services, as well as country evacuation procedures

A forecast of key holiday dates and events that might disrupt travel and the ability to conduct business as usual